It’s been a while since I last updated so here’s a little recap of what’s been going on at 11 weeks post surgery.

Week 5. Check out that scar haha!

I was pretty relieved to see the end of Janurary. Longest month ever. It was more a case of playing the waiting game and finding other things to occupy my time. I had to be patient and let my heel bone heal (pun non intended!) as well as the wound from surgery, which took it’s time to close up as it’s around the apex of my foot, which is slightly awkward. So for this, I had regular wound checks and my physio was lightly working on range of movement in the ankle. I started a 10 week Spanish course at Bangor University, which I am half way through as well a ceramic course at the college. I have been putting my French to use by doing some tutoring once a week and I have tried taking up some old hobbies again like guitar, reading, writing & photography. I am also doing life laundry!!! I feel so much better haha. I guess my life seems pretty different and it’s hard not being able to do sport…

February has been much busier and there has been a lot of progress. I had a check up with the consultant at 8 weeks, who provided me the good news that I could start weight bearing again. This was the best news I could get at this point… The following week went really well as it was in my own hands and I was keen to make progress. I had my first swim, was on the spin bike and walking but with the aid of my crutches still.

By this point, the Winter Olympics are in full swing. I headed to MediaCity in Salford, Manchester, to work for the BBC for two days when the Men & Women’s Snowboardcross was on. This was an eye opening and amazing experience and I’m so glad I had this opportunity. I worked with some inspirational people such as Clare Balding, Hazel Irvine, Chemmy Alcott, Christopher Dean, Alex Coomber & Ben Kilner. I was a little nervous the first time going on live TV but these guys made it great fun! I’m honoured to have represented Snowboardcross and I hope you all agree it’s a great sport! I’m also super proud of the ladies for delivering an outstanding level of riding & racing. Also, I hope those who gave it their all and were injured have a speedy recovery.

Ben Kilner, Me, Hazel Irvine

Got my BBC Winter Olympic pass. About to make my live TV debut!

On a TV in Saas Fee, made it!

Unfortunately when back at the hotel room, I tripped and landed on my bad foot and damaged the scar tissue slightly, which was a bit distressing the following week. A very frustrating set back at an awkward time as I was flying to the Netherlands a few days later. However, apart from the day after, the pain lessened day by day. I still had to have wheelchair assistance at both airports though!! It was really nice to have a change of scene so thank you to Karel and his family for the hospitality and care.

Chilling in the flat lands.

Mentally, this set back knocked my confidence a bit but I’m now back to where I was and I’m seeing even more progress and I’m on a rehab program and doing lots of swimming! My consultant reassured me that it’s normal to have two steps forrward and one step back. I have now actually walked for the first time in almost 3 months! Small and slow steps and in the comfort of my house but it’s so exciting 🙂 My next goal is to be able to drive so that I can be independant again.

When you’re injured, life seems pretty non eventful, however I’ve noticed a lot of change happens within you. Physically and mentally. Your body changes and becomes weaker, which takes some getting used to. I even lost quite a bit of weight! Most of it is muscle loss and a smaller appetite due to less exercise but I should be building that back up now! There is a shift in mentality. You have a different perspective on life and learn a lot about yourself (and others).  I’m not going to lie, the injury has been controlling my attitude at times rather than the other way round but it is normal to struggle after suffering a bad injury, which disrupts your plans, as well as your daily life. The reality is it all takes time to deal with. It’s important to accept the situation and realise other doors are open and find as many positives as possible. I’m definitely appreciating the head space and time to think, which will help me in the long run. All I know is my return to activity is going to be the best reward ever!

Jen, my amazing physio & friend! @Anglesey Injury Clinic

Inevitably,  I have itchy feet again from being stuck in Wales since December so stay tuned on my plans! There is lots to look forward to!

Thanks to everyone who’s supported me in the last few months, you know who you are x x

Home looking beautiful this week in the snow